Today’s search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just about keywords or link building, AI powered search engines are getting smarter everyday and the landscape is becoming  increasingly more competitive. There are 3 million pages published on the internet daily. Why would yours rank first on Google?!
You probably know this already, but organic traffic is not going to come to your website on its own. It requires investment, focus and the right strategy. At Berma & Co, we believe that organic traffic is the most sustainable marketing investment a company can make. It has the lowest cost to acquire a lead or customer and its impact increase with time unlike paid search or paid social. 


A good SEO strategy connects your business goals and the consumers’ needs. With the right strategy, content and website structure, your traffic will grow and your revenue will increase. 

Too often, agencies and brands fall into the trap of creating content just for the sake of it, without much consideration for the key questions that need to be answered: How do you plan to bring traffic to your content? again, there are 3 million pages being published on the internet everyday. Why would people care about yours?

In an industry flooded with search engine optimization companies offering outdated and ineffective SEO strategies, you need to stop judging a book by its “sales” cover and look for proven results. Research your potential SEO Vendor to assure you are choosing the right company.